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doctor couldnt get a doppler reading on either anke.

about 6 years ago i was diagnosed with pad. they put 4 stents in illiac arteries 2 on each side which helped some with the walking leg pain. I lost my insurance a few years ago and over the last year or 2 my leg pain as increased to the point it not only hurts when i walk or stand for a few minutes but now have pain when sitting for a short period.  I recently signed up for disability benefits and they sent me to a dr for another doppler, the doppler at top of foot had flow but dr couldnt find a pulse or get a reading from inside of either ankle and very faint at big toe. The dr was for disability so didnt give me any results on paper or anything and when i asked if he had ever not found the pulse like that and he just mmmhummed. has anyone else not had them find a puld like that and should i be worried, I remember when i had the stents put in they was always trying to scare me that i could lose my feet or legs if the blood wasnt getting to them.
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Consider further evaluation with CTA and/or MRA runoff.
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