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tricep & calf pain

Ok so this might be a long one.....im male 150 lbs 23 years old and consider myself pretty active and healthy.  about a month ago I experienced an awful cold that lasted weeks and afterwards had terrible head pressure and confusion.  So recently that has started to die down but still affects me to a smaller extent especially wierd head tingling and temple pressure.  For the new symptoms a little over a week ago I started experiencing dull pain in my  right calf especially when im sitting still and it never effects me when I bike and now as of the past few days along with the calf pain ive had this dull persistent back of my right arm pain.  Oh and ive been light headed/dizzyish for the past month.  Do you think these things are all connected or I have heart problems, nerve problems or even just allergies causing this? Im desperate to get back on track.
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I think you should definitely go see a doctor.  Hard to tell what's going on without being seen in person and/or appropriate testing

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