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Burning pain all over

Mine is a long story. Late last year I was playing sport and and at the end was suffering pins and needles in the little fingers on both hands. The next night I had burning pain in the back of my neck. X-rays and MRI indicator arthritis in my neck and osteophytes. I tried to manage it conservatively over a few weeks and went to an osteopath. On one of the treatments he cracked my neck. The next day I had bowel spasms. Over a period of 4 weeks I became weak and stiff in the lower legs, started dropping things and clumsy. I had trouble walking. 3 MRIs later and 4 surgeons and one neurologist couldn't relate my symptoms to my scans. There was some minor cord impingement at c5/6 to c6/7 with osteophytes and disc bulge. 2 of these doctors indicated surgery to c5-c6 and c6-c7, one to c3-4 to c6-7 and the other surgeon plus the neurologist said wait it out. As I became worse over a month  I became scared and had surgery with two disc replacements. The doctor did this late at night after already worked for 13 hours so no doubt was fatigued and want d to get home.  2 weeks after I developed burning pain from the waist down. The surgeon then told me that the pressure on my cord was from inflammatory fluid leaking from it and not the discs. The pain went away for a little bit and in march started Physio. I complained that each time later that night my arm would gonna my. I continued exercises and developed hot feet. This then progressed into tight skin on the feet. Over a period of a few months every time I had massage, strained my neck from looking downwards or upwards the burning pain spread upwards. It is now all over my skin n from the neck down. The surgeon doesn't want a bar of me. I have had 4 mris since and nothing shows up. I have had every blood test available. I diagnosed my self in May with small fibre neuropathy after extensive research. This is as finally accepted by another neurologist in September with possible erthymelagia. I have tried amitrypline and lyrica with no eff ct. I have tried cbd oil with no effect. My feet are the worst. My skin is all dried and stinking and has aged about 10 years in my his time. I kept complaining to my surgeon that there is a mechanical issue irritating my cord but he has washed his hands of it and never wants to see me again. I have since went to a top neurosurgeon who agrees it is a mechanical issue and suggested a ct myelogram which I am scared of it makeing it worse. He stated the operation was done properly and that the bone surface was ground down properly. My next option is fusion but believe the damage has already been done. I cannot sleep, almost losing my job and marriage. The pain is horrendous and would commit suicide in a heart beat if it wasn't for my small children. I'm only in my mid forties. Anyone else had similar experience?
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A few typos. Stinging feet not stinking. Lol. Also operation not properly done and bone surface not ground down.
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