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Burning pain in both feet

My feet feel as though I'm standing on ice without shoes or socks. The pain continues all day but seems to increase at night making it difficult to sleep.  My feet also feel like they are encased in wax. The symptoms started in my toes a year ago, then moved to encompass my entire foot (feet). Now the pain/symptoms are moving up into my ankles. Two years ago I had severe sepsis caused from pneumonia. Is it a type of nerve problem? Neuropathy? An EMG showed a little neuropathy in my legs a few months after sepsis during a time when I couldn't walk. I can walk now. I had a "Sweet test" a year ago that confirmed a little nerve problem in my lower legs but with no pain. The pain in my feet is horrible and gradually increasing. What can be done? How is something like this treated? Can it be treated? Has anyone else had this problem? I am not diabetic.
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I meant "Sweat Test"
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I meant "Sweat Test"
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Hi, I have the same symptoms, but mine are added with heaviness and tight sick like feeling and now it has moved o to my thighs. All my text are normal and doc Can t figure out me either... I now have thyroid problems and fibromyalgia after a triple fusion in my lumbar area... Good luck!
Hi Lisa. I am sorry to hear of your pain. I too had these same symptoms after foot surgery. Nerves were cut which lead to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. My burning/heavy foot feeling started in 2009 and has gotten much worse with time.   I get  Ketamine Infusion which helps with the pain levels a bit.I would suggest you see a neurologist if you haven't already.
Hi Cheryl, I have now been diagnosed with small/large fiber neuropathy and Autonomic dysfunction polyneuropathy along with fibromyalgia and my messed up thyroid. I've been pretty sick with the Autonomic dysfunction and nothing is helping. I'm sorry for you and luck as well. Healing prayers for both of us.... Big hugs...Lisa
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Hi, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. Have you been to a neurologist? I too, suffer from severe burning in my feet and side of the right leg. I was diagnosed with COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME. My condition was caused by foot surgery when several nerves were cut. I undergo Ketamine Infusion which calms the nerves somewhat.   I would suggest you see a neurologist. If you have any questions please reply.
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