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Ok to keep this as short as I can here is the background.

7/8/11 I went in for a Laproscopic Lysis of Endometriosis and Adhesions. Something went wrong.

Since then I have had a general surgeon Dx. me with "lateral femoral cutaneous nerve " trocar injury.
2nd opinion ob/gyn has also added "lavator ani" severe spasm.

Little help has been offered.

I know that since surgery I have lost tons of mobility and function and am facing a wheelchair in the coming weeks, so I do nto lost my total ability and desire to stop functioning while on in my 30's. The pain NEVER goes away of noves aroun. It is by the r trocar site, just a touch away. Entire right side of my abdomin from my belly button down suffers. Pelvic area (had lavh/rso in 2007, so I know it is not related to uterus, etc.), right side of groin and down the inside of my thigh and down the inside of my right leg into the back of my right shin. I have pain with yawning, sneezing, picking things up, walk, sitting, sleeping, standing, bathroom musts, opening things, bending over and so on and so on. The surgeon who did the surgery has been less than attentive and infact neglectful of the follow-up care but does say there have been "minor" complications. Can anyone share heir thoughts?
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