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Peripheral Nerve Degenerative vs. Raynaulds Disease? Comdition?

Dear Friends:

Kindly let me jump in:  
My feet began feeling as if I was wearing socks  ( when I wasn't - only in the AM ), 2) my feet and ankles tingle sometimes, albeit less lately, 3) my hands have tough extra layers of skin and in the winter (only) 3)my fingernails grow virtually concave when I have projects outdoors in cold weather.. However, all this I have suffered with since being a child.  Hands and feet become less sensitive , as if I was wearing a surgeons Glove or woolen socks.

I have been tested for BP in the Arms and ankles which is the same.  Also, I've had several tests for type two diabetes., all negative. My body mass is normal, diet regular-healthy, and my weight 180 for a 6'3" man.. My blood work-ups, are extenstnsive and are normal.

I do have hereditary Reynolds Disease, which has plagued my family as long as I can remember - and now at age 67 it seems to worsen slightly - ever so slightly -Every couple years.
Calcium channel blockers , e.g. Norvasc,. Immediately give me relief.  I used to need only only one 5mg tab in the winter. However both early spring and late fall cause the symptoms. ( Of course, there are no viable "on label" treatments, so funding to explain and test and prove why the off label uses work is not there.  Maybe some day I'll explain how it works like 2nd generation ED med: (allowing blood flow to constricted capillaries - antivasoconstrictor2's..:)

Seriously, I do NOT pretend,  nor try to deny that some peripferal nerve "damage" may well be a contributing issue. Nonetheless, I must ask, when do we get close enough to go on with life?   I know I am jaded, but more tests seem to  to have only the future that all the work distingushing Raynaulds Syndrome from Raynaulds Disease had: That is, no new treatments, just  two names instead of one  (That hurt).

Suggestions and guidance greatly appreciated.  Thank you.!
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Hi, what is described is glove and stocking neuropathy. Beside diabetes, trauma and infections, vitamin deficiencies namely B vitamins, including B1, B6 and B12, are particularly important to nerve health. Vitamin E and niacin also are crucial to nerve health. Not having enough of these vitamins in your system may cause peripheral neuropathy. Kidney disease, liver disease, connective tissue disorders, an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and amyloidosis also can cause peripheral neuropathy. Check with your doctor to rule out these conditions. Regards.
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Thankyou so much for your rresponse.
Yes, I am aware of the conditiondtion you describe.  But is given without a workup. I should have added tingling in feet and frostbite to feet + other athletic tramua to feet as contributing factors. As a youngster, my family had not been geneticall or historically profiled for Raynuald's. Little was know about It's treatment, coubtry MD's called it adolest misjudjument - staying in the cold too long, not wearing proper gloves, etc. In that period the pain was on a level 10 out of 10. Overtime, nerves became compromised.  I do have a family of Doctors and got early diagnosis and treatment.  DIDN'T MENTION MULTIPLE TIME SERIES COMPREHENSIBE BLOOD ANALSYES BY SPECIALISTS?  IF NOT, I APOLOGIZE.
My my primary objective, on reflection, was to contribute the largely unknown off-label yet highly effective treatment of Raynuald's.  Calcium channel blockers ( I have used several - they have been around awhile, currenty amlodipine, are inexpensive and the class of med's is the most effective treatment of Raynualds Disease I have ever experienced.

AS to me personally, FYI, I DID  start heavy  duty Vitamin B Theraty including Vitavin B 12 and Folic Acidlong ago. My thyroid cascade profile ranges beteen  (Test:Tsh)  2.0 and 2.2, ulU/ml units, for many years and comprehensive blood analysis: results all in the "Highly Desirable Range". I think I mentioned all those things in my orginal post:
That was my point: I humblely believe in the field of periferal nerve disorders, we have too many experts, and enough who REFER TO Board Certified Nneurologist.

My other point was that your summary of gradual alchol addiction was excellent!  
The essence of the issue is that patients they do not know how to get off alchol.  No support or motivation, either.
I have had great results with Chantix (tm) once I realized the "terrible side effects" more an excuse than a problem and a 30 day supply of low dose clonazapm when the worst nightmare occur ( if they do ) works!  Again I'm off label.  However NIH has many who agree .... ;last I checked the FDA is caught between big insurers and top research organizations for approval of on label placement.  I sighn off, as I must travel to a region where wifi is sketchy at best.  
Highests Regards!
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