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paracentral disc protrusion causing compression

Hi, my dad just went to get an MRI scan because he has been experiencing numbness, difficulty gripping with his left hand. he also has diabetes type2.
today we got the MRI results and it reads

" at the c3/4 level there is a large left paracentral disc protrusion causing compression of the theca and the cord, with marked acquired canal stenosis. right uncovertable ostepphytes development creates moderate right foramial stenosis. at c4/5 level there is a moderate posterior disc protrusion with adjacent osteophyte development. at c5/6 level there is a small right paracentral disc protrusion causing encroachment on the anterior aspect of the theca and the cord. "

our specialist will recommend us to a neurosurgeon and he says my dad will have a surgery.

i would like to know if this condition is really severe and if surgery is required, how dangerous or risky is it ? is there a chance or complete paralysis or other complications ?

what is the type of surgery that is done ? and how long is the procedure and chance of recovery.

i am very concern and i hope you can help us with these questiosn
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