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tingling/burning feet after surgery
My boyfriend had a motorcycle wreck on 7/25/2012.  He broke so many bones. He broke 8 ribs, one of which punctured his lung. His liver was lacerated and his spleen was damaged. He tore all ACL muscles in his right knee. His back was broke in 3 places, one of which was broken completely into. They did no type surgery to his back, but he had to wear a back brace for over a month. His tailbone and pelvis was also broke. He broke his left leg from his hip and broke his femur.  The orthopedic surgeon repaired his hip and had to place a titanium rod in his leg.  He is taking physical therapy, but still unable to walk.  His feet are so red due to red splotches and are going up his legs now.  He says his feet feel as though they are sun burned and he has a tingling, burning sensation so bad that he can hardly get out of bed.  He does get up & sit in the wheelchair and try to do the exercises the therapist wants him to, but he is in constant pain.  He can't sit upright in the wheelchair no longer than 30 minutes.  Can you explain this?  Could it be he is allergic to titanium?
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