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My pug woke up this morning with the bottom of his eyelids swollen.

I woke up this morning to find the bottom eyelids swollen on my Pug. What causes this?

I gave him a benadryl in case he is having an allergic reaction.

My other question is, I have a 9 month old Schnauzer and she she screams this high pitch whistle all the time, especially when she isn't getting her way or we leave. How do I stop this? It is irritating my Pug very much to the point it makes him mad.
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The swelling of the eye was just an allergic reaction, gave benadryl and was gonein an hour.

I have trained every dog i have had and she is a new rescue.  After her previous owner dumped her, she now has seperation issues and that is why she screams, how do i stop this? I have never had to deal with adog that has separation issues this bad, she is a wonderful dog and has an abundance of energy which she runs out every day. I have a dog door which they have freedom to use to the yard outside and which most of the time she chooses to stay in.

But still the minute she is left alone for even a minute she starts screaming and whistling.
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swelling of the eye or eye lid should be seen by a veterinarian and not treated at home with human medication!  

dogs vocalizing like this usually means they want something.  at 9 months I'm going to guess it means she wants direction, leadership and play / relationship from you.  A trained, tired dog is a happy quiet dog.  

Obedience, walking, games, exercises and discipline is what this dogs needs.  That comes from you with help of a good trainer.  
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