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defiance peeing?

my pup was corrected by my male counterpart for apparently being to 'rough' with the Big german shep pup. he then proceeded to go pee over by his shoes.  

I wasnt there to see this happen. But Hes made him self the play buddy and 'litter mate' to my pup. Despite my warnings.

whats the common round on this behavior? and dont tell me a dog wont or cant 'get even'.

my bird does it, my horse did it to children who teased her by luring them up to the fence acting all nice then striking at them once in range.

This is a dominance issue that needs a solution...

is this person going to ruin my pup? its intent is NOT as a pet but a Service Dog for seizures.
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As best as I can tell from your post, you  are asking 2 questions.  One is  - is the person who is 'correcting" your puppy going to "ruin" her?  The answer is - yes, possibly.  Depends on what the correction is.  Your second question is why the puppy urinated on your friend's shoes.   The most likely reason is that the correction your male friend gave her frightened the puppy, and that emotional arousal caused her to urinate.  Dogs often learn emotional responses through classical conditioning - the odor of your friend (also present on his shoes) now frightens her so she pees.  

The behavior has NOTHING I repeat NOTHING to do with social dominance.  Sorry, if you don't want to hear that dogs and cats don't behave out of "spite" in the way that people do, but that's the truth.  

If the puppies are playing too rough together, the better option is to calmly separate them and redirect their play onto appropriate toys.  If they've just gotten too excited - like kids chasing each other around the yard, then confine them for 5 minutes or so in separate crates, to leash them to immovable objects - ONLY UNDER YOUR CLOSE SUPERVISION -  for a few minutes until they calm down.  

Getting angry and using physical "corrections" only adds to the emotional arousal and isn't helpful - especially if your puppy is so upset she goes over and pees.  Nothing wrong with playing with the puppy and being his 'buddy' as long as your friend isn't getting physical.  If the puppy is playing with him too roughly, all he needs to do is get up and walk away - ending the game.
I would suggest you enroll in a rewards based puppy class with both your puppies - each of you can work with one in class.
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I didnt think with a pup this young it could be him being mad.  My bf had a wolf german shepherd hybrid once that got pissed off at his mom. She wouldnt get up to take him out, so- He climbed up on her, stood over her and peed all over her. Needless to say she got up after that.

when the dog was jellious or up set he would pee directly on his shoes and Not on any others all kept lined up together. Or hed also Chew something of That persons. Perhaps some dogs are more intellegent then the majority. Ive never heard of another horse Ever luring someone up to them only to strike them. Never seen it in all my life until that one horse.

I like you think the pup was just scared.

thankyou for answering my question!

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