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dog eating her poo

Shes eating her runs. why is this happening? Is this a dog to be put down. shes otherwise Very healthy. shes stressed. I know that much.
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Good morning to you!  I am sure you are very frustrated watching your dog try and eat her own feces!  While this is a disgusting habit for us to think about, our pets sometimes just don't know or just don't care and actually seem to seek out piles to eat!!

Some dogs do this as an instinctive behavior for keeping their "area" clean.  Others just do it, I think, as a learned behavior.  Since it can have consequences for the pet's health and even for your health, it is certainly something that needs to be discouraged.  Intestinal parasites like roundworm and hookworms have zoonotic potential and she is at a much higher risk for picking up these worms when she eats poop (copraphagy).  Then, your family's health is at risk too as she can spread eggs into the environment and you and your kids can become infected.

There are products that you can obtain through your veterinarian to help limit this behavior.  One product is called For-Bid and it is a food additive that you sprinkle on her dinner for several days.  My understanding is that it imparts a terrible taste to the feces and discourages copraphagic behavior.

My advice...take her in for a good physical examination with your veterinarian, discuss her habits and pick up some of the For-Bid.  Also, it is important to "retrain" her to avoid eating feces, so leash walks are essential instead of letting her roam the yard freely.

Good luck to you!
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the vet found nothing in her fecal samples. but gave me a braud spec antibiotic. He also let me know to worm her despite finding nothing, and the health issue Of the runs so bad. Its since cleared up and shes back to fully house broken.

so despite looking like Coxy all the way they found nothing.
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she also no longer eats her poo

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