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My husband picked this one out, I have had a jack russell before and had no problems, He is always attacking my cat, he barks way too much and in general he bites way too much We are crate training him , does well with that thank god , he gets plenty of exercise. This pup is nothing but a nuisance to the family. He is causing way too much stress on my son and I , any help would be appreciated on this monster.
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It sounds like to me that maybe you aren't ready for a puppy right now. If it's been awhile since you've had a puppy it's likely you've forgetten how much work they are.  At 12 weeks this guy is a baby - he doesn't know what's desired behavior and what isn't - it's your job to teach him.  Puppies nip and explore their world through their mouths, and if you've had JRTs before you know how much energy they have. Think about all the care and attention and patience human babies need. Puppies are babies without diapers and WITH teeth.  
You might want to talk to the breeder about returning him or if he came from a pet store find the nearest jack russell breed rescue group in your area.  Or take him to a really good puppy class where the instructors can help and support you.  
It sounds to me like he's just being a normal puppy but you just aren't in a place right now where you can be tolerant and patient with normal puppyhood and willing to take the time it takes to train him to become a behaviorally healthy and well mannered dog.  It might be better for both you and him if he were place in another home.
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Thank you we have him registered with a training class

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