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why does my cat pee and poop in our bathroom sinks?

why does my cat pee and poop in our bathroom sinks at home?
this recently started happening within the last two weeks, she is a 1 year old, female, mixed, her name is "Squirt,"she is a house cat we do not allow her out side as well as our white male, persian, named "Max,"  he is 6 years old.
the two cats share one litter box together, i dont if this matters but max does not like to cover up his poop when he goes to the litter box.
She recently got into trouble and we squited her with the water bottle, and the pooping and peeping started happening, could she be doing this because she's mad?
We notice that squirt has done this twice, and has not done it since, is this any cause for a alarm?
Should we take her to the vet?

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80% of the time, urinating in the wrong places is a MEDICAL problem.  Please take your cat to your veterinarian.  The sooner help can happen, the sooner results can take place.  Medical problems can become behavioral problems, so again the sooner the better.  Once she identifies a place to urinate, she may select to defecate there as well.

Also, cats are very fastidious, so please clean the box daily to make sure she doesn't have an adversion to the box itself.  The behaviorists general rule of thumb for cats and litter boxes is to have one more box than you have cats, expect for having 1 cat. ie 1 cat - have one box.  Have 2 cats, have 3 boxes, 3 cats = 4 boxes, etc.... Even if one cat chooses to use every box, it makes the boxes less dirty so that a cat doesn't become inclined to find another place to go just because the bathroom is "not clean."
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