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Can't Identify Bumps on my Ferret

My ferret has 2 bumps on his body I can not identify. The first one appeared last fall - started as what looked like an insect bite - but grew - looks like a small cyst - round, pink in color. When my ferret scratches it, it will weep and bleed some.  This lump is about an inch behind his right shoulder. My ferret is still acting like his normal self - eats fine, drinking water, plays, runs, all the ususal ferret behaviors.  He is going to the bathroom normally and still sleeping per his self - except to scratch at this bump.  About 2 weeks ago, I felt a very small lump near his right whisker line - now, this lump has grown to the exact size - actually, exact same everything, as the first bump.  What do I do?  He is miserable scratching at these bumps - I am worried sick - and am afraid there is something seriously wrong with my ferret.  He was a "rescue" ferret -so the only information I have on him is what the Animal Rescue League in Boston told me when I adopted him.  He has always been healthy, otherwise.  Please help me. Do you have any ideas, or should I just bring him to a vet?
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The most common reason for an enlarging skin mass in an older ferret would be a tumor, especially mast cell tumor. Your ferret needs to be examined ASAP; your veterinarian can start by inserting a needle into the masses to collect cells for analysis, and based on results give you a recommendation for possible surgical options and prognosis. It is better to remove skin masses when they are small; the larger they become, the harder the surgery is to perform.
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Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD
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Thank you very much for  your prompt and informative response.  It is very much needed and appreciated.  I found an affordable  "exotic pet" vet -  they are willing to work with me.  The staff was very kind to me over the phone and took the time to explain everything in detail.  I am scared for my little best friend to be going thru the surgery I have booked for him; but the sooner we find out, the better off he will be. Maybe then I can put my mind at ease - this is a terrible time for us.  Using  MedHelp was a life saver for me - I was at my wits' end. Thank you again.
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