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Cauliflower type bumps

My little dog as she has gotten older has developed these at different places on her body. The first time one appeared the vet cut it off and tested it and said it was fine but that I could expect her to get lots more. She has and up till now they haven't been a problem. She has long hair and they are mostly covered. She recently got two close together on her paw where her forearm would be and they are really bothering her. She licks them constantly till they sometimes bleed. I do have an apt. for her next week but wondering if anyone can tell me if this sounds different from the other type? Also because she is licking them are they painful to her. There are other of these type things that she could reach and lick but hasn't done so. Thank you.
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Small hairless wartlike skin masses on older dogs are usually benign skin tumors called sebaceous adenomas. Since they are benign, aggressive treatment is not usually needed unless they grow, change or bother the dog. However if these masses are bothering her, or if they look different, then they should be removed and biopsied to ensure they are not a different type of tumor.
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