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I was scratching my dogs stomach the other night, and I noticed her nipples are still a little swollen sincer she was in heat ( which happened over Christmas) ..

So i slightly squeezed  one of them, and this yellowish sticky discharge came out. It didnt "pop"  so to speak, but it  reminded me of like a bug bite kinda  discharge. She's just over a year old (she was born in October) and this was her first heat.  Her nipples where HUGE and they arent as big now, but theyre still swollen at the base. Not all of them are though.  Just the four on her lower stomach. and  the  higher they go up her ribcage the bigger they are.  I don't think shes pregnant, but if she was, shes not showing anything.   I live three hours away from the nearest vet, so I was wondering if anyone can let me know if they have an idea of whats going on  before I rush out and  get her checked.

  So what Im basically asking is ...  is it normal to have this happen to a young dog after her first heat?  

I heard somewhere that it could be a ghost pregnancy and this is pre-milk, but I just wanna know if you have any serious thoughts on this ..
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Your dog likely went through a false pregnancy and has residual nipple enlargement, but I recommend taking her to your veterinarian for exam to ensure that there is not mastitis or mammary gland infection, and talk to them about scheduling a spay appoitment for her as well. If you spay her now, her chances of mammary cancer in the future are virtually nil, not to mention prevention of ovarian cancer and not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.
Good luck,
Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD
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