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My cat has a lot of bumps on her entire body.  She hasn't had this condition in about 5 years.  I was told she was allergic to Frontline so I changed to Advantage.  Because she is an indoor cat she hasn't had any threat of fleas so I don't use anything for her.  The only other symptom I notice is she lays around alot with her tongue sticking out a little.  Any advice on what this means?
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Please give more details on the size, location and appearance of the bumps. Are they itchy?  Has she been evaluated by your veterinarian for this condition? Have any skin biopsies been performed? And when you say she hasn't had this condition in about 5 years, do you mean she had the condition 5 years ago, it went away and now has recurred?  Little itchy crusty bumps can be due to flea allergy dermatitis or other allergies or skin infections.  Larger nodules can indicate skin cancer. I recommend veterinary evaluation; if needed your veterinarian can refer you to a veterinary dermatologist (www.acvd.org).
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Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD
Dermatology Clinic for Animals of Las Vegas
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