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Skin lesion

My dog has had these bumps on his skin for quite some time.  Every time I take him to the vet they say something different.  From normal to staph to skin tags.    Buffett (dog) has gotten really lethargic the lump on his lower back (upper hind quarter) has gotten so big that the hair is unable to lay flat, and now he has two others starting to grow.  One on his leg and one under his neck at the breast bone area.  I have talked with the vet numerous times but with no clear cut answere.  Is this something to worry about or will my dog be one of those dogs with growths all over him as he ages?  They really don't bother him but my other puppy (10 mo old)is always licking the spots.  Any help would be appreciated
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Bumps on the skin can indeed have different causes: tunor, granuloma, abcess, and cyst. Small (1/4") red bumps, pimples, or small crusts are evidence of a skin infection (usualy staph). Skin tags are small (1/4 " - 3/4")  benign growths of the skin that are hairless and pedunculated. The masses you are describing sound larger than skin tags or a staph rash, and if these lumps are new, or if your dog is lethargic, then you need to take him back to have the lumps checked with a needle to obtain cells for analysis to make sure the lumps are not cancerous, and to perform bloodwork/thyroid panel to make sure there is not an internal reason for the lethargy. They may be lipomas (fatty tumors) which are benign, but if they are growing then they should be removed and biopsied. Additionally, the comment about your other dog licking them is odd, are the lumps draining fluid?  If needed, your veterinarian can refer you to a dermatology or internal medicine specialist if clear cut answers cannot be obtained.
Good luck,
Kimberly Coyner, DVM
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Dermatology
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