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Emetophic and losing my mind

Does anyone else have emetophobia? I have a horrible fear of food borne illness's mainly as you normally don't throw up with the flu once your an adult. Anyways its gotten worse, I won't let anyone cook for me, I wash my hands with scolding water so much I think I actually lost sensitivity. If I eat anything that has a 1% chance of having food poisoning I freak out for days and won't leave the house. I won't touch anything I eat I use utensils, and I try to open things with my elbows so I don't touch anything someone may have touched with raw meat on their hands. I've even rubbed hand sanitizer on my mouth if I thought I touched my mouth after touching anything that was out of my safe zone. Help me please get over this!
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I have had this all my life. I am 57. I never went to your extremes but I do understand. I wish I knew how to get over it but I have tried many things and none worked. Doesn't mean they won't for you. I take paxil now and it helps a lot. Go see a psychiatrist. Hope you get some help.
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