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Fear of Cars...

So I'm a 15 year old teenage girl and january 6th of this year, my dad accidently ran over my leg with his car. Ever since then I've been extremely afraid of crossing the road, hearing a car but not being able to see it, walking infront of a car that is turned on, and learning how to drive. I get really scared in the situations I have mentioned. I used to be a little scared to ride in the car with my dad before because he gets distracted easily. I'm shaking even writing this because I keep thinking about all that happened. So next year, in march, I will be going to driver's ed. I don't want to learn to drive because of my huge fear, but I do want to because it means that I can be free to go where and when I please. I also promised my cousin's daughter to take her shopping when I get my lisence :$ I'm not too sure of what to do. I don't want my parents to know simply because I don't want my dad to feel any worse than he already does. Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to even read this :)
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Hello and welcome!  Sorry it took me a few days to respond, this forum is usually very slow, so I don't always check it.

For one, no wonder you're nervous around cars!!  Who wouldn't be after getting your leg run over!!  My goodness!  Your anxiety is totally understandable, hon, you're traumatized by the accident.

I don't know that I would go as far as thinking this was a phobia, more just an anxious reaction to a traumatic event.  With driving coming up next year, you definitely need to address your fears with a professional.  I think some therapy would do you a world of good.  It would help you to sort through your feelings about the accident, and teach you how to NOT associate anything car related to something bad, which is kind of what you're doing now.  You want to go into driving feeling secure and in control.  If you're skittish around cars, it may put you in a dangerous position, in that you may react poorly in situations where you need to be in control.

Please seek out some therapy, and soon.  If you start now, you will be in a much better place when it comesd time for you to start driving.  Also, I sure hope your dad has learned to be less distracted!  That's one heck of a lesson to learn for your Dad..I'm sure he feels just terribly!

Best of luck to you...please let me know how you're doing!
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Thanks, i will. And i actually convinced myself to take driver's ed, but last week my cousin bumped into a car backing out of the laneway with me in the car. It was a small hit, but it still really scared me. And i also almost got hit by a car crossing at the traffic lights....so I'm not too sure about that whole driving isn't bad thing.....but thanks anyway. I will try to seek therapy :)
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