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Has anyone's phobias gotten worse with age, and now they have more phobias?

I have suffered from PTSD and chronic depression all my life.  Had many treatments, but have always had residual problems.  One of them is phobias.  I used to have the "normal" phobias, heights, plane rides, etc. Now, it seems, as I am getting older, everything I do I become afraid of!  I used to have a timeshare on a houseboat, but now I am afraid to go on a boat for fear that it will blow up or in the ocean, we will go down a whirlpool,  or there will be a giant wave.  I am afraid to be a passenger on ANYTHING, to the point that I just won't go places if I can't drive.  I think this is that I have to control everything, but I'm not sure.  All I know is that these phobias are getting worse, and pretty soon I'm not going to be able to live in this world, I'll be afraid of everything!  I have had therapy for phobias, but obviously it wasn't the right kind.  What do I need to do, this is NO WAY TO LIVE.
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