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OCD and phobia of needles

I have had OCD since I can remember. I now have developed a phobia of needles. I work in a health care setting  (hospital) where shots are given daily. Although I am not the one giving the shots, I still feel fear everyday that I will come across a needle and accidently get poked by it and get an infectious disease of some sort. I have tried talking to my family and friends about this phobia amongst other mental health issues but they don't seem to understand. The latest incident of coming into contact with a needle was today when I took my puppy to the vet for his puppy shots.. I was holding my puppy while he was getting his shots and another vet doc came in and asked me to hand him some of the peanut butter jar that they use to distract the dogs while they give them shots. As I was holding the jar for him I noticed he was holding an uncapped needle in the same hand that my hand was near. Now I'm worried that I my have gotten poked by it. My finger began to feel funny, but I can't tell if it is just my nerves or mind playing tricks on me or if I seriously got poked. I did not see any blood when squeezing my finger and I can't see a needle hole in my skin because I am brown skinned. I told my mom and she just dismissed me. I just need someone to talk to regarding this. Please help me calm my nerves or decide what I need to do next?
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Hey, just saw your post. You still around? If so, I understand and know the feeling.
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