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Phobia of sleeping alone

Okay basically, i'm 15 and i can't sleep alone. Most of the time i sleep in my sisters bedroom, but she is beginning to get annoyed with me doing it all the time! It all started when i watched my first thing about murder when i was 10. That night i couldn't get to sleep at all, i just kept looking around the room seeing thing. In the end i had to go into my mum's room (my parents are divorced) and sleep with her, with the lights on. Nowadays if i share a bed with someone i don't have to have the light on.
When i'm in a room by myself i'm scared that something is going to happen to me if i close my eyes, stuff which has happened of movies such as paranormal activity, saw, scream, supernatural. I know i shouldn't of watched these movies in the first place but my parents always watch downstairs, and i am too scared to go upstairs by myself and watch something else.
Any suggestions of what to do would be really helpful! Soo please help, and you can Imagen it ***** that i'm as old as i am and can't sleep in my own bed!
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Don't feel badly!  I was very, very anxious as a young person - still can be, actually.  When I was in middle and high school we lived in an old house with a giant attic, and the door to the attic was in my bedroom.  Every night was terrifying for me, so I can relate!  I didn't work out a particularly good solution then, but now that I'm older I have different anxieties and I've found it helpful to continually remind myself of the truth in whatever situation.  For you, the chances of anything like that happening are miniscule, and things that happen in movies are generally fictitious and overplayed.  When I'm panicking - even if it doesn't make me feel better - I remind myself that what I'm panicking over is highly unlikely to happen.  I feel like this helps me to panic less about certain things over time.

If I were you I might set a few small goals about staying in your room for longer periods of time.  Maybe you could help yourself get acclimated there.  Also, is there someone you can talk to?  You don't have to go through this alone!  A parent?  Teacher?  Guidance counselor?  I wish I had told people about my anxiety earlier!
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When i was 11 we lived in a haunted house i would have things touch me n look at me etc etc so i grew up like that to im 22 and over it now and living on my own. What helped me is i got a night light slept with that only one that flashes slowly so u get dark n light and u slowly ease out of that fear and while ur watching that night light shawdow on the wall think of something happy and funny till i fall asleep. And might i remind u saw, paranormal activity and whatever else u watched is all FAKE i wont happen to u not like that. And remember ur blanket is ur shield u cannot be touched it blocks everything and everyone out and if u believe in that and do the night light u will sleep like a baby. Even try n board up ur window so u know someone can't sneak in on u. Good luck :)
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I have the same problem! I am massively afraid of sleeping alone, especially in the dark. My Dad suggested this and it worked: Sleep with a dog or cat, maybe some fish in a tank. It really works!
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