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I have only two true phobias.. I am terrified of snakes...and I will have a major panic attack if I have to drive on a highway...what are your phobias?
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I cant stand a RAT!!! I have to go under houses all the time I dont care how poor or rich a person is we all have them at one time or another.
Snakes however do not bother me I will pick one up in a heartbeat. Love driving long or short trips..
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I don't have problems with either snakes or highways. Actually I prefer highway driving to city driving! I remember trying to drive and I'd break down into a panic attack getting OFF the highway and when doing left turns in heavy trafficked intersections...
Raw meat...  I've never been able to touch it....  I think of deadly bacteria when I see it...

Sometimes wierd things like something broken and a spring pops out... That used to freak me out as a kid. Not sure why.

That's all I can think of for now.
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I have a huge problem with bugs and spiders.  Any kind.  I even hate flies.  Since childhood, I didn't enjoy picnics and many other outdoor activities because I can't stand the bugs!  Big or small, flying, crawling, stinging, biting, I really can't stand any of them!  

Worst of all, I am too scared of them to be able to effectively kill them.  So if there is a bug in my house and I am home alone, I often need to resort to unorthodox methods.  (More than once I've used a large cup to trap a bug, and then slide a folder underneath so that I can transport the cup outside, where I drop it and run!)

I think it is a primordial fear with evolutionary purpose, since after all bugs can spread  disease, so it is a good thing to have some fear.  Mine just seems overly active.

Ironically, I am battling Lyme disease.  Though I don't recall the tick bite, and am not an outdoors person, one of them STILL managed to get to me!
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Phobia? Let's see, spiders, bugs, snakes, sharks, jelly fish, darkness, putting a pillow on my head, ANY reptile, roaches, mice, pimples, any skin disease......etc etc etc......
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I am deathly afraid of bridges......no clue why either... i have always been scared of them.  They all come tumbling down at some point.
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Dogs. But not all of them of course. I know families with dogs that I get along with fine. But sometimes a pet owner with a dog will not be noticing that the dog is aggressive and the like and say "Don't worry she's friendly" as its snarling and the like lol. Does kind of peeve me. I do get a laugh out of it when you visit an apartment with a person who owns a dog and the dog is tearing apart a stuffed toy it plays with as if its saying "I could do this to you so watch out". I don't find that frightening of course but its pretty funny. I think we've all had bosses like that lol. Oh and living in N.Y.C. there is the usually reaction to roaches, especially the large ones that fly. I don't know if that's a "phobia" exactly because no one can say they would be comfortable in a room with even one of those around.
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I could not live with a flying roach in my house....I'd pass out!!
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it is kinda ironic that your fear is bugs and you have lyme disaese...nobody has said public speaking thats suposed to be most peoples number one fear....interesting...women seem to fear insects and reptiles and such..
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i have two REALLY nig phobias..Ex-wives and Divorce decrees.....lol
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I've got one great phobia that easily turns out to panic-attacks in the summer... The winter has been great this time, no photographs or tv-shows have triggered me much.

Jollyman, I notice hubby mention nightmsares about divorce or me leaving without giving him warnings too, but that's usually a fear that comes creeping up on him when trash, clothes, hammers or old things becomes nagging-objects for his wife....
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(Reptiles) Ooops.... Forgot to write what it was! :-p I ain't awake just yet.
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wonko, not all bugs carry diseases.  Maybe you need me to come over.  I was often the one called upon to catch and remove spiders in our house. Everyone seemed to be afraid of them except for dad (who didn't care) and me.

It's odd with me because most things people tend to fear I find facinating.  I've always been drawn to insects since I was a toddler. It's hard for me to be frightened of them.  The only time I run from bugs is if I anger a bunch of hornets or bees, then I run like hell. I'm not as interested in spiders.  But if I see one crawling past me, it doesn't frighten me.

I share a mutual hate for anything that ***** blood....That includes mosquitos. I kill them when I see them.
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I'm allergic to yellow jacket Bee stings, so I have a phobia about anything flying and buzzing. Since my eye-sight is not great without my reading glasses, I can't tell what type of flying, buzzing bug it is, so I run from them all. I'll crash a car, if one gets inside while driving. I don't care much for other creepy crawlies, but probably not phobia point.
Fear of hights, but I've learned to handle going up a ladder to about 20 ft.
I don't know if it's a phobia, but the sight of blood makes me feel faint, even talking about lots of blood makes me weak.
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Heights,,but love flying..,driving over bridges , I will avoid all bridges, I can live with any bug, but not fire ants, trod on a nest once in Florida  got stung 16 times had an allergic reaction ended up in ER overnight!!  oh about that bug thing I have to admit I dont like anything that stings and ***** blood I will squash em for sure..
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Oh Crumbs did I say a bad word..okay to you the thing a baby does on a bottle or pacifier ..
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Bugs and snakes do bother me but I cannot relax unless it has been eliminated and if that means me doing it I will but there will be screaming involved.  I used to be afraid of dogs (was attacked) and birds.  Now that I have a dog of my own and am more educated on them that fear has decreased and only occasionally arises.  We had a hobby farm and raised exotic chickens.  That helped me to learn birds and to grow to love them.  I am a frequent public speaker and that does not bother me but driving over bridges does, especially the fly overs on highways.  I always envision myself driving off.  Since a bad accident in a rain storm on a highway I am very scared to drive in rain or snow at night.
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I don't know why, but I have a phobia of chimpanzees. I don't like them, I don't like the way they sound, I don't like the way they look, their smiles and teeth creep me out, and I get most uneasy about them when they're dressed in clothes. No other species of ape scares me like chimps. They can be vicious; one in CA just had to be shot to death because it had been kept as a pet, and it attacked a woman who was the friend of its owner and ripped off one of her hands and chewed most of her face off before police got there. Then it cornered and attacked an officer, who shot it multiple times, and it wandered off and died. Chimpanzees scare me. Everything about them scares me. I won't even go near a chimp habitat in a zoo.
I've recently developed a phobia of tigers, too (in real life that is, not in pictures). That came from a few years ago when I went to a zoo as a guest of the zoo veterinarian, and he took me by the tiger cages. A white tiger lunged at me through the cage, baring it's teeth and claws and did that spine-chilling roar that big cats do. I had been standing no more than three feet from the cage. Since then, the sound of that roar, even on TV or radio, petrifies me. I just went to the circus last weekend, and there was a show of tigers--about 15 of them--and they were all roaring and showing their teeth and claws. I was tense during that whole part of the show; all I could think about was one of those tigers turning on its trainer and tearing him apart in front of the audience, and then 15 bloodthristy beasts jumping into the audience to attack. Seriously, that was what was going through my mind.
Those are the only phobias I can think of right now. At least, with those two animals, I have a fear that gets to me like nothing else; a fear that paralyzes me. Any other fear I have, I can work through. But the fear I have for chimps and tigers paralyzes me and it's like I can't breathe when I see them.
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I am afraid of spiders (been bitten by a brown recluse) and heights. My friends took me to the top of the tower at six flags and it freaked me out so bad I started crying. Real tall bridges freak me out as well. specially when they curve around.

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I am addicted to heights but have bad claustrophobia. I realized that twice: one time we went spelunking and waded through a dark cave in Kentucky until our heads touched the ceiling and the cold water was up to our hips, in full clothing. Another time I came after my son in one of those climber and sliding tube jungles. Those tubes freak me out more than anything.  
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I have to say I'm completely confused by the whole bridge thing.  I find them fascinating...but, anyway, I'm completely petrified of throwing up.  I had an awful stomach virus when I was 2 1/2, I threw up for 24 hours straight and was hospitalized.  Anyway, I know supposedly that's too young to remember but, I do.  We drove to the hospital in my dad's old Monte Carlo I was laying down in the backseat sick in a "Reasor's" brown bag.  Since then I've only actually thrown up 4 other times, twice when I was pregnant.  I'm so afraid my insides are going to come out.  I'll lay motionless for hours just to keep from doing it.  
Oh, and I'm also very afraid of the dark if I'm in town.  I can take the country in the dark but, put me near other people at night...I start getting nervous.  I'd much rather face a coyote than a person in the middle of the night!!
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Decades ago we we were undergoing a military exercise in Florida and had to cross and survive in the Everglades for two weeks. We had .45 M1911's with subcaliber ,22 adapters to shoot the smaller cartridge. I had a five man patrol and we brought hammocks and mosquito netting. We had a big argument about where to camp and I ended it by directing everyone to set up in a place I liked and we got comfortable about two foot off the ground.

"But...but...there are alligators around here," pleaded my NCO.

"Don't be a baby," I admonished.

Alligators indeed!

About 1 A.M. I heard noises, woke up and saw a pair or eyes. Monster eyes. They were coming toward me. Then I looked further and there were more eyes. Dozens of eyes. I flicked on my flashlight with red lens and there were more alligators than I had ever seen in my life moving steadly through out campsite and under our hammocks! Other flashlights flicked on. One of my men chambered a round.

"For god's sakes, DON'T shoot at them!" I ordered.

Now I had never seen an alligator up close. These things were gigantic! For the first time in my life I was genuinely frightened. I've been shot at, been in plane crashes, been a skydiver...etc., but never in my entire life did I experience absolute positive visceral fear. I suddenly knew how the cavemen felt when confronted by a sabre tooth tiger. The little .22's we carried would only make these things made. Worse, I had taken off my clothing because it had gotten soaked and I was basically naked. It took those creatures thirty minutes to complete their trek. They seemed like lemmings headed for some unknown destination, six or seven abreast, like creatures in a grade "B" horror movie.

For the rest of the exercise I let someobody else pick where we were going to spend the night.
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Never close the inside doors in my house!all open, even at night
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