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I have only two true phobias.. I am terrified of snakes...and I will have a major panic attack if I have to drive on a highway...what are your phobias?
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My husband's grandfather has a very peaceful turkey named "Red".  It follows him around everywhere, rides on his tractor, and squats down so he can pet it.  It's absolutely the strangest bird I've seen.  His grandpa just has a way with animals though, I think it's b/c he is a quiet, peaceful soul and they sense that.
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My phobia would be clowns....and in any form!!! Whether they are in a circus,pictures....it doesn't matter!!! Clowns make me sick....they have always scared me....even as a child:( I hate their red noses too!
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Hmmm, these turkeys would chase me down and try to trip me. I think they could sense my fear and they thought it was funny to mess with me.
Also, I played with them and fed them since they were little tiny babies so you'd think they would have loved me, not so much.
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Who knows??  It really is quite scary the way animals act around this man (dh's gp).  He has guinea's, cows, ducks, geese that all follow him everywhere. (Even after they've been fed with full bellies)  It is becoming a problem though b/c of his age...cows can be dangerous when your 80 with two bad hips...

I personally think turkeys are for eating!!!
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haha that is too funny, I am totally picturing a line of animals walking behind a cute old man. Adorable.
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Thanks for giving me a good Disney-like visual there.

ILADVOCATE, btw most bats are completely harmless.  If anyone is afraid of them, think of mosquitos, those nasty pests, and be thankful that bats eat a large number of mosquitos on a nightly basis.  Vampire bats live in Africa. Most people here aren't in Africa (as far as I know) so it's pretty safe to say bats are harmless. They eat either insects or fruit.
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I don't like Bees, they give me the creeps. I know we need them for pollination, but, I freak out if one is near me.
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i dont like bees or anything that can sting me ,..
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I'm the spider killer in our house - my husband just sits and points at them. Amazing how far you can spray ant and roach killer - it does work on spiders too.  

I'm horribly claustrophobic.  And I hate rodents - mice, rats, hamsters, etc.  Squirrels are cute as long as they stay away from me.  
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Im with Barb135 all the way the only we dont have squirrels i saw them when i was in the states but they ran away from me but thoses little chicpmunks werent scared of me at all.so cute!!
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All of you spider haters wouldn't like my spider jewelry...necklace, ring, earrings...I think they're CUTE( or maybe I'm just weird) I am terrified of elevators and airplanes...forget it...I'll either take the stairs or drive to my destination, thank you. Unless you knock me out cold like they did to Mr T on the A- Team...
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Like you Jan i don't like Clown's....I also can't stand Ballon's near me!!
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i dont like monsters ,...they frighting me a lot ,..and i dont like vampires ,
oh and i dont like king kong either hes a nasty piece of work ,.,..
i dont like bad ghosts ,..wear wolfs and lepracahns them little guys get up to all sorts ,
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i actually have a lot of fears now that i think about it.

#1 is clowns. i am absolutely and completely terrified of clowns. i refuse to go anywhere where i know there will be a clown
#2 is spiders and snakes. i can't make one scarier then the other. i'm equally scared of both
#3 small spaces. yup i'm claostraphobic
#4 heights. i don't like high places. i get scared.
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I used to be terrified of tunnels and bridges but have overcome it ... used to get panic attacks, too.  I know how terrifying that can be.
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drowning ANYTHING really involving my head going under water including but not limited to scuba diving!!
Ghosts- well ghosts devil worshiping wickas well anything in this region totally scares the pee outta me LOL!!
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I'm terrified of SNAKES.  If one was by me right now, I'd probably die from panic!  I can't see them on TV or in books, magazines, etc.  It's bad.

I'm somewhat scared of heights.  My dad has his own plane (4 seater) and I'm fine there but real high staircases...nope, can't take it.
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I have been diagnosed with really bad social phobia, and I'm terrified of heights.
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I'm terrified of snakes...
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I'm terrified of heights too and falling -they go hand in hand.

I'm also scared of INTENSE LOUD thunderstorms when I'm all alone

and losing my loved ones. :( Every day I pray I don't lose any more and that God protects them.

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My biggest fears are what the future has in store for me. Mostly cause I'm pessimistic and slightly paranoid. And living the rest of my life alone.
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I'm terrified of spiders. don't know what it is about them, but they just give me the heebie jeebies. lol.

I'm also terrified of losing loved ones. Have had a number of loved ones pass away lately, so it worries me.
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just discovered another , controling husbands ............
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I don't like spiders and snakes, just like the song says.

I'm also scared of the day when my pain cannot be controlled.  I pray it never comes but it's a huge worry.
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I don't like clowns,never have never will,I feel they are hiding something and can't be trusted.
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Swampy walked right into a swarm of bees the other day, not realizing they were bees. An intense buzzing all around him with hundreds of insects.

After getting through the swarm without being stung, Swampy realized how happy he was that he is not afraid of bees.
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I hate snakes!!!  A black snake got in under the door(too big of a gap), and I thought it was a cord......until I noticed that the "cord" moved!!  =(  The "cord" got swept out the front door!  Ever since then, I NOW have a phobia of black cords, too!  LOL

HMMMMMM, anyone ever heard of a phobia of rubber bands????  That would be my coworker!  I'm planning quite the joke on her in the near future!  LOL
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Fear of the dark, heights, driving on the freeway, but not anywhere else, crowds, strangers, intimacy, (but, I don't mean that in the carnal way, I mean long eye contact and actual hanging out and being friends), trusting people irl

I'm an Obamaphobe
and a redistribution of wealth phobia
I also suffer from Freddy Mac Bailout phobia. Hehe:) Have a nice day!
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hahah grannya lot  of us seem to be getting the last 3 phobia's you mention .you are a card .......
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I am deathly afraid of heights. And the thought of a tsunami-like wave right in front of me, terrifies me. I also don't like snakes.
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Glad you liked that one, Margy dear.
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Wow! What a long thread! We're all a bunch of chicken butts. hehe
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hehehI havet I never thought of myself as a chicken butt but maybe I do after this year ...hasnt it been a strange one ...or is that just me...oh I digress I thought of another phobia , I know you are all waiting with baited breath to hear it  ..lol     Doctors offices and getting my weight taken , last time I said ...dont tell me ...and shut my eyes ...and I am  about 7pounds overweight ...I think ......
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Holy smoke, girl. You look good! Imagine my horror when I began picking up weight so quickly that my Dr. diagnosed me with ascites. I thought I was a goner! Began making arrangements just in case. Put my directives in my phone. hahaha. Anyway, I begged him not to say it out loud and he announced to everyone 175 lbs. After that, I just gave up and decided to be "big girl in a little coat." Now I weigh 190. I don't care who knows it.
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Haven't been out in a while and saw this post. Hilarious.  I jump even at pictures of snakes or if the pop up on the t.v.  My daughter saw some kind of snake on Independence Rock and knew immediately if Mom were here we'd be calling an ambulance either from the heart attack or the fall to the bottom which would be preferable to staying up top with the snake.  Don't like bats either.  I think I have a bat target attached to my head and they are always swooping at me.  
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any one know what happened to granny she disappeared ....anyway I have a new one ...sugar ants , what a year it has been talk about ants in your pants ....lol
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What do you define as "true phobias" I thats a bit of a stange statment since anyone who has phobias would tell you there true phobias. Weather there rational or not.
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well nasty people sure are a phobia ......lol
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Hm.  Well I do not like nasty people but am not afraid of them.  Now BATS---------- that is a different story!  Run for cover!!
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hahahah yehaaa bats in the belfry  
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Idont like frogs never thought i would have to confront one but the other day one was leaping around my kitchen,sooooo glad my sister was her to get it out i just stood there screaming whilst they all laughed at me
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Turned on the weather channel this morn and they were talking about weather phobias, seems a lot of folks have a phobia about lightening, thunder, any extremes..got to admit I didnt like the Hurricane season when I lived in Florida..
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You know what my boyfriend's friend's girlfriend is scared of cotton balls. After finding out about that, I didn't think my fear was too bad. She works at a grocery store and whenever people buy cotton balls she grabs the corner of the bag and throws it to the other side. lol

She has a lot of other irrational fears too and I'm just pretty happy that I don't have that problem and that my fears are somewhat understandable. I couldn't bear living in fear of everything :S
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i am TERRIFIED of the dark. i start seeing shadows and hearing  voices. i have a hard time breathing and start hyperventilating. my heart rate increases, and i feel weak and dizzy.  
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my other phobia's include

1. Heights
2. Spiders
3. Social phobia-i always feel like people are talking about me
4. people in costumes
5. Claustrophobia
535822 tn?1443980380
Black Friday crowds ....
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- Spiders (to the extent I cant even look at a picture of one on the TV!)
- Snakes
- Small places
- Driving over old wooden bridges
- New doctors (past bad experiences makes me afraid of any new doctor...I never go to the first appointment alone)

That's about all for now!!
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I have a few..heights, small spaces (I start to hyperventilate), spiders, but the two strangest are cows...can't stand them.  I think they are the creepiest things ever. I don't mind the black and white jersey cows, but am petrified of the brown ugly ones.  The other strange one is tornados.  I have never in my life seen so much as a funnel cloud.  Technically I live in tornado country, but our city is nestled so close to the mountains, to the best of my knowledge there has never been one.

My husband teases me about this a great deal.  We were on a long driving trip one time, going through cattle country.  The weather was stormy and of course I start looking for funnel clouds.  He told me (completely straight faced) that if we saw a funnel cloud coming near, the safest thing for me to do would be to lie underneath the cow!!!  I spent a few minutes wondering if I would rather take my chances with the tornado or the cow before I realized he was teasing me.
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New phobia for me ..things that go wrong on your site ,you cant fix for 2 weeks then its the smallest silliest thing you can think of ..is whats been wrong with it... nuts .
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