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Hi...M 32 year old female born with phobias...I have some unexplainable
fear n anxiety when I even think about pain,needles, surgeries, heights n most importantly,getting pregnant...I jus blame God n fate for creating me...M the only child for my parents n I got married at 30 years...Till my wedding,I was pampered to the core n I can't tolerate even an ant bite...It's not an exaggeration...It's the truth...Till my wedding I was brought up like a kid n my husband is also very caring like my parents. .Till now he has not forced me for anything...But now my parents has started itching us asking why r we delaying pregnancy n they badly want grand children n B'coz of this they are not talking properly...But no one including my husband know about my tokophobia. ..I don't know how to tell them and convince them...I really don't know how to make them understand that how badly this bothers women like us...M really fed up n depressed to the core...feeling cursed n worthless. ..Someone please help me with this...M ready to adopt any number of kids even if they agree...but M really terrified abt the response of my husband  mainly and parents...I beg someone to help me n sorting out the problem...M dying daily by heart of stress...
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