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Weirdest phobia of them all?

How can I get over a phobia. I have a very weird phobia, i always have the fear of some bug or creature flying in my ear. I never wear my hair up outside and I try to have my hair down inside too if i can. Even when i am sleeping i hate to have my ears not covered. What should i do?
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Hi there, that is certainly an interesting one!

How bad is this phobia? Does it make you really nervous and jittery and anxious when you think of insect flying into your ear? You may want to give ERP a shot. It is exposure and response therapy, certainly very effective in getting rid of phobias.
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I am so crazy that I have to leave chunks of hair over my ears or a sheet firmly pressed on my ears when sleeping. I sometimes feel an odd sensation(maybe wax moving or hair... or an ant- which has happened) and suddenly I have to press firmly behind my ear to keep any bug from getting in and then clean my ear. I even pour hydrogen peroixde down it to be sure sometimes.

I think keeping your ears safe from bugs is the way to go! Good phobia that hurts no one.
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I have actually had this happen. This was never a fear of mine until I experienced it and now I will freak out and even start crying if I even hear a buzzing near my ear. Kinda traumatizing. But do not fear the possibility of this actually napping is very low!! I'm just one of the unlucky ones lol. If by chance you do have this happen it is very easily and quickly fixed. Get yourself to the hospital and they will get it Out quick! Do not attempt to get it out yourself you could cause it to move farther back
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