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Lots of Physical Therapy for 6 months - Same pain plus more symptoms

I’ve been diagnosed with patellofemoral pain. Have been given strengthening and stretching exercises for the inner quads, general quads, hamstrings and calves. Have iced daily and performed balancing exercises. Have been using knee braces, patella straps, even McCollum taping and have scaled back on physical exercise.

After 6 months of all this, I’ve gained more symptoms and the pain is still here.  I have copies of my x-rays. I've gotten a second opinion, and had very little evaluation done with it.

Pain was originally at the bottom of the kneecap (not under). Now in the left knee, sharp pain is also felt on the inside of the knee when pressure is applied, such as when standing from a sitting position. Static pain when sitting was originally not felt until 3-4 months of physical therapy. Now I can't sit for more than 15 minutes without having to stretch my knees.

I don't care where I have to go, I would just like to know I'm having a thorough evaluation done and am on the road to getting better instead of acquiring more symptoms.

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments on my problem.
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Sharp pain and stiffness upon rising for a seated position can sometimes be indicative of a meniscus injury, however without proper diagnostics it can be hard to discern.  It may be beneficial to acquire an MRI in order to rule out any soft tissue and ligamentous injuries.  You may want to talk to your physician to request this testing simply because you have not responded to conservative tx thus far.  This does not mean the physician was wrong in diagnosing you with patellofemoral syndrome but for your own conscience you may want to see what the MRI will show.  Also, therapy itself may take time with patellofemoral syndrome due to the body's mechanics that have been learned over years of time. For any other questions feel free to comment again.

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