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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Hi John,

I am not a seasoned runner, but have trained and ran two marathons.  As a result, I experience excruciating pain every time I run over 5 miles now.  I have been to several doctors and they all agree that I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Is this curable? Is it possible to run another marathon without pain?  Is there a specific body type for running?  I pronate when I run so I buy shoes with extra arch support.  Some people think the fancy shoes with the extra cushion and arch support are the culprit for running injuries.  What are you thoughts?

Thank you in advance!!!
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Patellofemoral Syndrome can be caused by many different variables but ultimately can cause the same cartilage damage to the under surface of the patella.  You asked is it curable, in many cases yes with simplistic anti inflammatory measures, stretching (especially the IT Band) and specific vastus medialis strengthening activities to have proper patella tracking.  As for running again, everything is possible as long as you treat your body with the proper therapy and cross training, so you do not exacerbate your symptoms.  Shoes shoes shoes....well if you have some biomechanical deviations they can help but they will not fix any structural abnormality.  Stay healthy!  JAG
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Thank you for your advice!!!

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