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Pregnancy and my thyroid levels?

Ok so I have a seven month old son and after monthes of being tired and depressed i finally got tested for hypothyroidism. Well it came back positive.( secondary normal tsh, low t4)  I am so scared that I have had this since I was Pregnant and was just undiagnosed. I remember having a very low cold tolerance, my bottom or feet feeling cold long after exposure. Tiredness, paleness, extreme weight gain when I am normally a very petite girl, and horrible morning sickness( I know these could all be normal though too?)
    I had a cascading thyroid reflex at 7 monthes with a tsh of 0.8.. I am basically wondering if a secondary hypothyroidism could have had the same devistating effects on congnitive development as primary? Would it be obvious even at this young age if he did? thankyou for your response!
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