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I have been told that i might have a rotator cuff injury and I run mid distance for track and I have a meet coming up and have not been to practices because I started pt with my trainer and do the stationary bikes or treadmill to try to stay in shape but when I lay down to get my laser treatment or when I go to bed i cant have my arm or shoulder back in like reverse or L shape it will really bad and found out I cant shoot a basketball or else it will really hurt too but when I run it does not hurt and the trainer says I can go to practices if it does not hurt or how I feel...... should I keep on doing my pt and go back to track later when its better. Also am i suppose to do my pt work outs on the weekend or rest on sat and sun?
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Is it suppose to hurt when I write my alphabet with or with out weights for my possible rotator cuff just started to do writing of the alphabet for the first time 2-11 ugh can someone help me I am just worried should I just not do track right now till I am fully healed from this shoulder injury or possible rotator cuff injury bc I do about 10% of the work out by the time I get out but I do the running and stuff bc I am doing my pt and laser treatment and get my arches taped too.....
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