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Severe Thigh Pain

I have been suffering from periodic severe thigh pain for a number of years with no diagnosis.  The pain is on the inner thigh just above the knee (VMO area??) and at times, like now, is in a state of constant stabbing pain.  The pain is mostly manageable with a large number of tramadol (50 mg - 10+ per day).  The pain will then flare up to severe when all I can do is hold my leg, wait for it to pass and try not to cry out, especially when at work.  There is no difference to the pain whether I am resting or using my leg (walking, swimming etc.) PLEASE can someone tell me what could be causing it and what I can do to stop it.  I am no stranger to pain as have injured myself a number of times over the years but the stabbing pain in my thigh, when at its worst, is the worst I have ever felt.

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