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Three canal stenosis resulting

Hi I am a 24 year old guy.i had left leg pain  from 15 months.i went to a doctor 3 months before,who prescribed me physio therapy,pain killers and  antiflammation medicines.I had leave from my work and was pain free for a month. And the very first day of work after medication,I felt shaky mostly my hands and legs.
Again I went to another doctor, he sended me to physio therapists wo couldn't help me at all and gave me advice of joining some recreational activitiesand stretching.
I again visited a new doctor who asked me 2 ct scans of my back. One of them was of lower lumber which showed mild broad based disc bulging in L3/L4 level.Some broad based disc bulging with slight ligamentum flavum hypertrophy with a mild canal stenosis resulting in L4/L5.
L5/S1 shows right sided protrusion compressing the descending right S1 nerve root with a mild canal stenosis resulting.
I mostly have left leg pain than right and shaky hands.I m always in a depression due to my back.I cant lift anything and can bend slightly.I only just can walk with a sciatic nerve pain in my left leg  and with shaky hands. I feel weak and Get headache with red eyes.some days I feel my body very hot and severe back pain. My doctor always advice me not to worry abot this thing.I cant take a leave from my work because im still a student and have to pay my fee by myself.
I just  to know that If I m gonna be ok or I have to live with this pain forever?...The problem shown by Ct Scan is not normal offcourse.what i need to do to gain my life back?..or i have to go for a surgery?...As I am an international student I have limited friends,all of them are young and have strong back ,I cant afford much medication fees...can someone please help me with some suggestions...I would be greatful to u ....
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My recommendation is for you the see a neurologist as soon as possible so that he can review your CT findings and come up with a clinical decision to give you the best outcome. Good luck in your path.
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