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right shoulder / neck pain and index finger becoming numb

this is my first post, and i am not a medical / body part savvy person - so excuse my language.

A few days ago, I thought I sprained my neck / right upper back / shoulder area. I could not rotate my neck and a severe pain was shooting down into my right arm whenever I lied down - no matter what position - so I was sleepless for a bit.

Then I went to a local urgent care, the doctor asked me to take ibuprofen, and cyclobenzoprine (10mg) for a muscle relaxant. The situation did not improve much, still not able to lie down and the pain starts shooting into my arm more and more - even when i up not lying down. Initially only the tip of my right index finger was numb, now, my entire right index finger is numb and the pain in my neck is slightly better but the pain in my shoulder blade is still bad and still not able to lie down without pain shooting into my right arm.

I am not able to find any good sports medicine doctors until a few days due to new year. the people at urgent care did not take an x-ray.

Can someone please tell me if i have something serious to go to ER?

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I would suggest a followup with either a neurologist or spinal orthopedic.  They would be able to send you for diagnostic tests to determine if you have a cervical disk herniation with radicular symptoms.  Best in health, JAG
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