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nose bump wont go away

hey! I am a girl and I am 16 years old. I am dealing with a bump i guess which is on my nose. It showed up in March 2017. I had my nose pierced 3 months before (December 2016) and i think thats the cause of the bump. Anyways, the bump got larger and larger and, got inflected and I had a big red bump all around my nose piercing. I pierced the bump with a needle and many blood came out. I used some creams for inflection like Fucidin and others. It got smaller and was a bump exactly above my nose piercing. Eventually, with the use of the creams it became the colour of my skin. Because i was wrong pierced i decided to close the piercing and get it again. I got it again last month, on the same side of my nose but lower. My previous piercing didnt closed up perfectly but the piercer told me it will and to wait (i had it for more than a year). I waited and around 3 days after i got repierced the old piercing got inflected and caused a bump full of puss. I pressed it and got all the puss out and my piercer told me to use Menaderm. I used it, it did a really good job, the previous piercing closed up, but the very first bump i still there, causing redness to my skin and its ugly to look at. Also, where there that i had my previous piercing my skin got anomalous and i use everyday Menadern and let it overnight but it doesnt do anything. Also, the last couple of days my piercing aches. Why? Could you please tell me what i am dealing with? I cant find a solution. Also, i cant go to the dermatologist because my mom wont bring me there. Thank you for your time.
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