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Anyone ever had breast implants removed?

I have saline breast implants that I got 14 years ago.  I regretted doing it about 5 minutes after I woke up and have been very unhappy ever since. My breasts are normal in size but I do not like the feeling of having something foreign in my body and believe it to have caused some problems with my health.  I would like to have them removed but the surgeon I went to told me it would not be pretty. Has anyone had implants removed? And if so, can you ever look normal again? I'm not that big, a small 34C. But I want them OUT.
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I had to have one taken out when I developed CC, i am a D34, and it looked pretty sad afterward, not gonna lie. It looked like wrinkled paper...:/
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I have not had them removed, but I did have one to leak all the saline out. And like your doctor told you it wasn't a pretty sight. I had it replaced as soon as possible. You would probably have to have a breast lift when you remove them because of the extra skin. They may be kinda droopy.
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