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Husband anxiety after sudden bad wife nose job, what do I do?

Before we got married, there was 0 mention she was even considering this. We’d lived together for 7 years. And then…a few months after marriage it all happened so quick…

Within 2 weeks my wife was talking about a nose job and went and got one. She could clearly see I was not okay with it. I tried to tell her she was beautiful the way she was. She’s Asian and wanted to get a bridge — to make her nose “look” thinner. So she added cartilage to the bottom part and it sticks out from about half way down when you look at it from the side.

In the end. All I could be was a supportive husband.

A year down the line… and I’m still freaked out by her nose. All the cute expressions she used to make are now so unattractive I look away. She accepts it’s bad. But also expects me to be okay with this. Apparently a revision surgery is not okay because it would be too painful (which she didn’t know the first time would be?)

I’m losing attraction to her. I get anxiety when I see her old pictures of the 7 years we were together before. And when I do, I cry myself to sleep.

The last time I talked with her about it she mentioned divorce because she doesn’t want to change it back.

This is the same woman who said if I ever get extremely obese she would leave me because I would be ugly — which I thought fair enough. We had both agreed attraction was important in a marriage.

I’m now considering therapy to see if there’s any way I can get through this. Feel shallow that this could be the reason for divorcing.

Is there any other guys here going through the something similar?

This sucks

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