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Pro-bono Plastic surgery

Is there anyone in the Portland, OR that will do pro-bono lipo/breast implants for a single mother with no money. I am 22yrs old and have been fighting with my tummy for years before i even had a baby, and know its just worse. I am so disgusted by myself when i look in the mirror, in my head i see a complently different person then when i look in the mirror. I ge so depressed and it leads to panic attaks.

Please help!!!!

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Hello-after having two kids my stomach and breast are just not the same.  I see so many actresses that have babies and look so good afterward.  I've tried exercising and diets and it just isn't the same.  The bulge still remains.  I am a 36 year old single mom of 2, and would love to have some surgery done to boost my self esteem and start a brand new life.  Unfortunately I don't have the money to get surgery.  Please help!  Wow I would be the happiest woman alive. I'm sure nobody will answer but it felt good writing what I feel like every day.
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I am very ill and have been for many years (23).  About 4 years ago I had to start taking steroids.  So now I have had a round face.  I would like to have my face back.  there is no way for me to get off the steroids.  I also have a gap between my front two teeth that I would like to have fixed.  Could anyone out there be of any help to me.  I am living in Independence Missouri.
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Ima single 31 year old mother of 2.I have worked my *** off...litterally I used to weight upwards of 300 pounds and now im down to 200.I thought that after losing the weight I would be more self confident and look better.I have what they call an "apron" for a stomach.It causes rashes and can be very painful.My breasts are loose and hanging down now too.I am currently working my butt off in school to become a firefighter/paramedic.If anyone can offer me pro-bono surgery for my stomach and my breasts I can gaurantee publicity.

thank you,
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Please do not laugh at me. But how would pro-bono surgery work. Would we pay $0 .
In 2003 I have lost 136# My butt sags, what little I had to begin with. My saddle bags sag so it looks like their too big for a horse to carry. My boobies hang so that they rub on my body. I get a yeast infection. In the summer it gets really bad. and smells. My stomach and abdomen hangs ant it is horrible how the yeast infection get and smells. It also bleeds. Now my arms, my son shows me his muscle thn asks to see mine. He tells me my muscles have fallen. It is hard finding clothes to fit or look well. The over hang on stomach is evidentt when I wear pants. I also wear 3/4 sleeves to hide the skin on arms. I did find a MD ( plastic surgeon ) that would give me a discount if I paid cash. He would do the abd. flap and my arms for $12,000.00. Boobies and saddle bags and butt not included at that price. I am going to see another MD and just put my pride in my back pocket and simply tell him I haven't worked since 8/08 .I am going to see if he can help me. Has anyone out there found a doctor can help a person with no finances achieve a procedure than can make them feel so better about themselves, not to mention the yeast infections. Will waiting and paying someone has found some answers. Thanks to all.
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Facial hair and skin is getting worse over the years and the dark patches on my cheeks are spearding. To top it off a plastic surgeon corrected a deviated septum, but my nose was left looking aweful. It was not big before, but is now!lol  Although, I requested he work on my nose to return it to its previous look, he refused stating that my health coverage only covered it for medical purposes. I am happy that the URI infections have decreased since. Still,  I look hideous with over sized pores, sub-dermatitis, flaky, scaly, itching burning sensation on my skin, damaged by facial hari removals, plucking, shaving. I also suffered a minor stroke and had eye-lid lift so to help see again, and when I have inflamation flare up my eyes both are not symetrical. Doctors simply pat me on the back and say go home and rest it will eb alright. ITS NOT ALRIGHT! I'm in my 40's and should not look lke this. Also, this is not hereditary. Nausia, vomiting, facial hair soem body hair -shoulders & back. My 12 yr old son and family are ashamed of my looks, and quite frankly I dont blame them. I stay in doors to avoid being octersized by the public. People are  mean to me and cant even look at me when I have to go out. I am on a fixed income and support my son alone. Can anyone help please. TPC
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I have lost about 120 pounds, through diet and exercise. But now the excess skin has become extremely uncomfortable. It causes me pain and discomfort. Which causes me to reduce the amount of exercise I can do now. It has made me physically uncomfortable. Carrying the skin around has become a chore and effects my daily movements. Is there any way to get surgery to remove the excess skin done for free?  I am willing to do before and after photos to show the work done and the improvements that were made.
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is there a doctor that does pro bono circumcisions in portland oregon for infants i am low income and the hospital wants 400 to do the procedure at time of birth and the doctor 200 two weeks after i would prefer it done with minimum ammount of pain for my son which is my upmost concern.
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If there is a plastic surgeon who specailizes in corrective surgery, I had a blephraplasty on lower/upper lids. My lower lids did not return to its normal postion. After 4 surgeries , my lower lids have lost their support and now they have drooping bottom lids. I have the saddest puppy dogs eyes. I used to have beautiful bedroom eyes that were big and almond shaped. My first surgeon performed 3 operations on me to correct the lower lids and then paid for the foruth suregy, it seemed ok, but after a year my lower lids dropped again. It seems there is no support. I used you be very attractive and now I cannot seem to look at myself in the mirror. I am in my forties and would like to have this corrected. I was advised by a specialist that I need endurgens implants in my lower lids to give support. I cannot afford the surgery and I just want to have a balance to where I look like myself again. Can anyone help. Thank You Carolyn
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I am a new single mother of a baby boy. I have always liked my small breasts, but after nursing- they are now non-existent. I can not afford surgery but am extremely unhappy with my appearance. Motherhood is supposed to make you feel more like a woman than ever before, but I feel the opposite. My self esteem has never been lower. Are there any surgeons in the Boston area willing to help out a single mom with a pro-bono or reduced cost surgery?
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It's me again. My last post was 11/09 concerning this issue. At that time I had lost approx. 136#. To date I gave gone from 302# down to 129#. I don't even want to go out of house for the way I feel I look. I accidentally saw myself in mirror with just undies. I cringed at what I saw. Please help. I am in desperate need of a surgeon anywhere in Georgia. I want all the excess skin removed. Not because I look like a freak, but for medical reasons. When I go to toilet I must hold the skin up. My breasts sag so that the friction has caused yeast infections with an ODOR that sometimes bleed. The abdominal overhang is the same. I have lost a total of 173#. I have NO money for surgery. I am trying to survive on SS Disability check . There's nothing left. Someone told me Medicare would cover if needed for medical reasons. Does anyone know anything about this? To all that are searching I wish the best for each of you.  Maddie  mommy52
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