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Rhinoplasty side effects

I had a rhinoplasty performed almost 40 years ago. Had a bump on my nose removed. About 2 years ago I noticed what I thought to be sinus congestion so I started using Afrin which cleared up the problem. I still continue to have difficulty breathing through my nose. Recently saw a ENT doctor and he diagnosed my condition as collapsed nasal valves. Said there was nothing that could be done because of my 60+ years. Can anyone help with suggestions that might help me breath better through my nose. I believe the time may come when nasal sprays won't help either but I am getting some small relief from nasal strips. The doctor who performed the surgery said there was absolutely no danger of any problems after surgery. I never gave this any thought but I never had a cold since the surgery and my nose is always dry .Instead of a runny nose I would always get bronchitus when cold symptoms appeared. I also developed tinnitus about 10 years ago. I believe all these problems are related to the nose surgery so I don't recommend that anyone have this cosmetic surgery done. The biggest problem right now is the reduced air flow through my nose . I would appreciate any ideas that would help me breath better. Thanks
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It's amazing, I never heard such a bad experience of rhinoplasty. I also had a rhinoplasty bump on my nose it looks bad and have breathing problem, but even two years after rhinoplasty I have no such problem and with my experience its absolutely good for nose reshaping. You should concern with your doctor.
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Is it true that having rhinoplasty will make you take a maintenance meds or you will be required to adjust it from now in?
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