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I just turned 41 and I have 5 children the oldest is 25 and the youngest is 21months, my suprise child. I lost 70lbs my goal is 150 30 more to go and I already have all this skin that hangs. When Im on my hands and knees playing on the floor with my youngest my skin on my stomach hangs all the way to the floor, this is very disturbing to me, some days I get very depressed do to all this excess skin on me, I do not dare have a mirror in my house that I can see from my neck down that is a no no, I had the medicine cabinet removed from the bathroom so I cant see my self in the mirror when I get out of the shower, it just hurts to know that I have lost all that wt and now I am left with something that looks like a deflated balloon. I am checking into a body lift and wondering what the cost of this is I cant afford to go to all these Dr's and pay the appointment fee and then find out that I just cant afford what they are charging, so is there a online fee chart or something? I would like to have this done with in the next yr  places or will help pay for this like a burn center that need the extra skin.

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