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What are my options to revise a scar revision?

I had a seizure back in 2014 and did a small number on my forehead resulting in a raised scar with hard tissue (unfortunately a plastic surgeon was not on staff at the hospital). I did all the massaging and sunscreen of course.

It bothered me so I had scar revision surgery in 2017 and unfortunately the first time around it didn't go so well. Again I did the massaging and sunscreen with a silicone based gel. The surgeon injected it with a steroid a couple times. For some reason it healed but the tissue underneath was squishy in some places, lumpy in others. The surgeon thought it was fluid, so he tried draining it, but nothing came out. Ultimately, a year later he decided to put me under the knife again (all covered by insurance so I didn't mind).

Turned out, the squishy stuff inside wasn't fluid, but soft scar tissue that supposedly wrapped around muscle or other tissue (I think? I don't remember exactly, but it was definitely soft scar tissue).

The second time, it healed much nicer, the lump is much smaller and there's no squishy tissue. However, there is still a lump and I feel like there's something more that can be done. I'm not totally satisfied but he thinks it's as good as we're gonna get it. He injected it with a steroid two or three times, but he didn't want to go any more because he was afraid of creating a low spot/concave/cavity/crater/whatever (I don't know what the actual term he used was). Again, I was doing all my massaging, sunscreen (I use the good stuff, Asian SPF 50 PA++++), and silicone gel and I still do, 6 months since my final visit with him in December 2019 (a year after the second surgery).

Note that I it's probably a little red from the massaging or silicone.

I feel like going under the knife again is going to result in more lumps, I'm apparently prone to them. I'm wondering if laser or something else would be an option.
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