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Wound care for stitches on chin

I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but I am new here. I fell and landed on my chin. The laceration resulted in 6 stitches. I wasn't told much by the doctor attending to me except to head to a polyclinic to have the stitches removed in 5 days time.

So here are my barrage of questions.
1) Should I cover up the wound with a non-stick bandage? Or leave it to air ?

2) Is 5 days sufficient? Shouldnt I wait 7 - 10 days notmally ?

3) I got some gel based gel (stratamed), should I apply it on my wound now already or wait till the stitches are removed ?

4) Do I wash it with saline solution for now or completely abstain from water ?

5) In 3 days, I have a job that requires me to put on make up. Can I use a micropore tape to cover the wound for the make up or is there another option?

Many thanks in advance and I hope you all can forgive me if it is posted in a wrong section.
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