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Hey, just wondering..
does anyone know the youngest i can get this surgery...
and maybe price ranges?

i live in the UK

Thank you <3
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Rhinoplasty in hyderabad is plastic surgery performed to modify the size or state of the nose or to reestablish appropriate capacity to the nasal structures. Many individuals swing to rhinoplasty when they are troubled with the look of their noses and need a more stylish appearance.

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many doctors won't do it until the patient is 18 years old or so, but it depends on the doctor.. there are risks as with any surgery, so be sure to research exactly what will happen.
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Rhinoplasty has no age limits.Any one free of medical issues complicating surgery could undergo it.Medical complications include atopic rhinitis,allergic rhinitis,sinusitis,epistaxis, infection.The procedure takes not more than 30 mins in an experienced hand as it has a very small incision inside the right nasal alae (flare) and insertion of the prostheses in the potential  surgically created space.There are no known much further complications like rejection, bleeding, pain,after effects during or after the surgery.
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