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still swollen belly

I had an abdonimoplasty plus liposuction 6 months ago. Trying to be patient but my belly swells up every day until at night I look 6 months pg! I have lost a few more lbs since the surgery, which BTW was INCREDIBLY painful...and the recovery was a nightmare, due to a staph infection and having to have 1/2 of the incision line re-opened, packed & drained for 8 weeks---now I am 100% healed, but the swelling in the belly is inbelievable!! I am trying to get back into a good exercissr routine, but the pain is stil at a 5-7 most days. My surgeon has offlaoded me to my primary care doc who seems clueless about this.
I can't seem to get any answers from anywhere aboout whether or not this is "normal" and YES, I have consulteed with the dr who did the surgery, but he seems more concerned that I won't do my "after" photos than addressing the pain and sweliing. Mornings I wake upwith a  flat, soft belly, nights, I am swollen and rock hard and in so much pain. I think if someone said this was normal I'd feel better. I am pleased with the results (in the am!) and in so much pain by 5 pm I want to scream. I see there is very little chatter on this board, but I sure hope somebody has some answers!
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Most of the abdominal surgeries are associated with post surgical complications, adhesion formation inside the abdomen being one of them. You may need a CT scan of the abdomen or a laparoscopic examination to confirm the diagnosis.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Thank you for your reply. My surgeon does not wish to see me again until the 1 year date. He asked me to see my GP for any further issues. Altho I think this is 'poor medicine', I undertand why he doesn't want to see me..I am not income generating since I am done with surgeries and healed.
On my own I have researched this and I have found that what I have is some serious adhesion problems where the scar has formed a very tight bond with the underlying tissue. I found a website that has taught me how to massage the scar and it is slowly getting softer and less painful. I will continue to do this and just grit my teeth over the pain that I still have. Along with the massage, I have begun to take Turmeric & ginger, which seem to be helping the swelling. Probably also releasing some of this scar tissue has allowed my tummy to not seem so "swollen"..perhaps it is helping the lympahtic system too. I don't know.
In the end, really wish my surgeon had been much more informative about possibly complications....all he ever said was "you are older and that is going to make healing harder". (I'm 56, so yes, perhaps that's a factor)
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I will recommend you to go to the emergency room as soon as you start getting those pains. What's happening to you its not normal at all. A few of my friends an I had the same 2 surgeries done and our  tummy was hard rock. Also, the post surgery massages are very important (at least 6-8 sections minimum) which would help your body get rid of that fluid. This massages needs to be from professionals with professional equipment.
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Thanks---I may do that, but first I am going to INSIST that my original surgeon see me. As this is a cosmetic procedure, NOTHING is covered under insurance, so complications, etc. I feel this surgeon has the responsilbilty to at least LOOK at me. My Gp has enevr dealt with a post abdominoplasty patient and she is baffled.

Some professional lympahtic massage has helped. Also getting back seriously to losing more weight,along with aggressive scar massge to reduce the "adhesions".
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