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total mommy makeover for $6,900

I was looking for an affordable option to improve my appearance and had a mommy makeover (Tummy Tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction),,, I just felt that having the procedure would allow me to enjoy my lifestyle more. The problem was the cost in the United states…around $25,000. As I couldn’t spend this amount I had to find affordable option abroad.
At first I had a few doubts, because my procedure was a bit complex but doing some research on internet I read many testimonials of patients that went to Bolivia for the same kind of procedures,, and they all were very happy. As I decided to go through a medical tourism agency, I chose do go with MakeoverTravel and I don’t regret my choice.

The day I arrived I had my first consultation with my surgeon. He spent many time talking with me and made me feel very reassured. I was able to express myself fully to him, and he understood;;; also the surgeon’s office staff was so friendly. Everyone makes it very easy to talk about your concerns. My surgeon took the necessary time to examine my features and made his recommendations. I never felt rushed. I found he definitely tells me what he feels will be good for me, and what will not. I fully know what to expect with my procedure.
7 months after my surgery, I'm extremely happy with the outcomes. It definitely changed my attitude, as well as how I look on the outside. People tell me they notice the big change in me, especially my friends who haven't seen me in a long time. They’ve been very positive. It's really increased my confidence.
I am also very happy with the price I paid for my entire trip including surgery and my stay in Bolivia. This trip cost me $6,900. Just compare the difference of cost with the US!!

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