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Is anyone else's baby really attached to you? My son is attached to me. I stayed home  4 months with him. I just work 2 days. But he gets fussy during the day with my mom where he don't with me. Sometimes my hubby will be holding him and he will be fine and all the sudden he will start fussing and looking for me. I'll get him and he is fine. My mom says I need to get away from him more but I don't want to. 2 days is enough. We try to have a date day once a month so we can have our time together. I told mama he will eventually get use to me being gone. He is still learning to adjust to it.  I try not to let it bother me that she keeps telling me I need to be away from him more but it's getting on my nerves. He is my son and I want to take care of him not someone else. That's why I went down to two days.
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Every baby gets attached to mama cause we feed them, we change and wash them so when nobody else is doing it they think that only mommy can, I feed my son from breast and bottle when I go somewhere, and when I had an appointment and left him with my hubby he wouldn't eat, I left some breastmilk but he was so used to me feeding him and he just cried for his mommy, I don't see a problem in this situation that's how babies express their love and I don't mind that he's attached to me, I say keep doing what you are doing and feel comfortable with, eventually he will understand that mommy leaves and always comes back. Your son will get used to it and hopefully mom too!
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Thanks! I do love that he is attached to me and  that he stops crying when I get him. I think it drives my mama crazy. My dad says you sit in the floor and play with him all day. But I don't. I do house work for a little then go play with him or read to him. If I want to sit in the floor with him all day it's my business.
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Oh hun thats totally normal for babes to be attached to their moms. Its only a phase but they go through the attached stage several times. My first son never went through it until 1 when I went back to work. Every few months he would go through it again. My second is definitely more attached to me. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with your child. I highly recomend it as they grow up to quickly!
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