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Any body have a colicky baby? My poor little sweetie pie cries so much for so long and nothing soothes her. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated! She's about to be 2 months old and she's been very very fussy for a few weeks now.
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Swaddling, shoooshing, swaying with baby, white nose, the vacuum cleaner stopped my sons crys. Wish I could help you.  But them are the only things I know and you've probley tried them.
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My son was like that, now he's 5 months and I think he has grown out of it, I know how hard it is cause for him it seemed like nothing is helping too, but I did everything I could every evening, tummy massage, burping one more time case sometimes it was just an extra air bubble in his tummy, most of the time I walked with him, also I bought baby fennel tea and I think it helped him a little, its recommended from 4 months but I started at 2 months, he was less fussy after drinking 1-2 oz of this yea and ready to sleep. It will get better when she gets closer to 6 months, I thought it will never end but it did.
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Thank you ladies. I have tried everything, (except the tea but I'll be looking into that thank you!). I just feel so awful for her. I don't know if I can handle 4 more months of this lol. I might just go nuts! =P
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I put my son in the baby bjorn and I sit on a yoga ball and bounce lol. It stops his crying and eventually he nods off.
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Ooo that sounds way better than what i do lol. I just hold her upright and bounce on the edge of my bed. My poor legs are so sore! I've been giving her the pediacare gas relief and omg it's actually helping somewhat! I also put her in the bath tub (normally around 3am) sometimes it's the only thing that soothes her. I really hope she grows out of this stage soon though!
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Have you raised the head of her bed? Also gripe water can help soothe as well. My son was collic for the first 4 months and now hes a lil dream baby. Hang in there it will get better. Its only a phase. I used hylands colic tabs and they helped for us. My son also had severe reflux and was on meds for it.
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Try a rock n play.. Let her sleep in it.
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Mine gal is also colic
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