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Milk supply

Hey ladies just wondering if there is anyway to increase milk supply besides pumping, I'm not feeling that full feeling anymore and blayde seems to have to suck a bit more than usual to stimulate me to let down, and i usually can get 150mls out of both breast after feeding but today could only get 50mls. the only reason i'm asking is i'm trying to get as much milk frozen for when i return to work and i need to have a bottle a day for when i go to gym, i also have noticed that he is emptying both sides just before bed and that he is sleeping longer which i'm happy for but i just need to increase more milk
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It sounds like your supply is ok. Many things can effect how much you are pumping at one time. It can always vary. And sometimes the time it takes for letdown can vary as well. I'm not too sure when you had your little one but the full feeling goes away after a while too. The way to tell that there is enough is to keep track of the wet and poopy diapers.
The best time to pump is usually in the mornings.
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thanks... Blayde is 12 weeks old now, i'm not too worried was just used to be able to get more out of me the last few weeks but haven't done too bad today, just got to drink more water i think and pump more in the morning after his first feed for the day
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I am taking a herb pill that enhaces lactation and also have a couple of cup a day of mother's milk tea; this plus drinking water and resting seem to be working for me.
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