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co sleeping

Just wondering if any of ladies are co sleeping with your babies, the only reason i was asking is it's so cold at my place at night that he just wants to snuggle with mummy to keep warm.
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I am. We've co-slept with Kylie since she was 2 weeks old for a majority of reasons. The main was that I was breastfeeding and it made life so much easier. The other is our parenting style. I have never been fond of the idea of having a baby who spent 9 warm months in your belly stuck in a room alone. We intend/anticipate she will be in our bed until she's at least a year old or so. It's much nicer to fall asleep with her warm body close and then to wake up to her smile each morning, not to mention more convenient. Her needs are met immediately. It has it downfalls, but we're not comfortable moving her out into her crib yet. (she's 8 months old)
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DH and I had Julianna co-sleep with us until 3 months. When we put her in her crib she would cry. The crib seemed so big for her, so she slept with us in a Summer Infant Sleeper.  We recently put her in the crib and didn't have any problems sleeping. She's a great sleeper. Try to do what works for you and your baby  . :)
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I don't mind co sleeping as i'm breastfeeding so for the convenience having him next to me is great cause i get more sleep, i guess it's just the thought that DH might roll over on to him scares me even though i'm aware that he is there next to me.
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I was really nervous about that too, and so was DH. Kylie always ended up sleeping in the middle of us, and often it was on my arm. Now that she's bigger, we make an H---she sleeps with her head by him, and her feet on me. I would just say do whatever you're comfortable with. As baby grows and gets larger the fear of being smothered lessens. Mine was gone by the time she was a month old.
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thanks feel more comfortable now
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Nope - my little one's been in his crib in his own room from day one.
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I do.. she  sleeps in between both of us, but up to 2 weeks she slept by my side with the playard against the bed so i made sure she wouldnt fall... it is great waking up to their smile and going to sleep with their warmth best feeling ever..
when i go to florida to stay at my moms though she will be in her crib but we will be in the same room....
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I started co-sleeping with Faith when she was about two weeks old since I was breastfeeding(unfortunately due to breast hypoplasia i couldnt continue) But we still do, Me and her both get more sleep, she sleeps longer when she's snuggled up with me. I have a small pack n play that we use for naps and earlier in the night for her to sleep in and then when I go to bed she sleeps with us. I can't ever imagine her being in a different room, Do whatever makes you the most comfortable, and if you cosleep just do it safely. I LOVE Halo Sleep Sacks! I put a long sleeve sleeper on her then that on top of it and she's toasty, soon I wont have to use it since its getting so warm! (if you google Halo sleep sacks, they have a website and they are sold alot of places like Target etc.)
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I know a couple that almost lost their little one because of co sleeping.  Moms arm went right over the little ones mouth and nose at night and dad just happened to wake up and found their son blue in the face.  They revived him and never co slept again.  I say it is more important that your baby be safe and cry than to not be around anymore.  I kept my little one in a bassinet right next to my bed for the first 2 months then moved him into his crib in his room after that.  He slept better in his crib than in my room.  He started sleeping through the night as soon as we moved him to his crib.  I put a onesie on him then his Halo Sleep Sac and he is off to dream land every night.  I think an established bedtime routine is all you need...my little one knows it is bed time as soon as we go up for his bath.  We do bath, bottle, book, bed.  My husband calls it the 4 B's.
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I have only ever co-sleeped with our children.  I am able to tend to whatever needs they have right away.  Now that they are a little older, we have one King Bed in a room and a Queen Bed.  It has been extremely helpful with breastfeeding.  I am always able to get a lot more sleep.  I do need to mention that I am a very light sleeper too, so if someone gets up because they had an accident (during potty training stage) or if someone is sick and throwing up.... I am there and can help right away.

I like the fact too that they feel secure knowing that they can wake me up if they need to.
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We do not co-sleep. Lyla does however share our bedroom with us for now =) Since we brought her home from the hospital we have kept her in a bassinet right next to our bed. That way I can tend to all of her needs the same as if she were in bed with me, only safer. We have discussed moving her to her nursery so she can use her crib but I still like to heara the sound of her breathing and cooing in her sleep =)
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Every baby and family is different that's for sure, it's most important to just find what works for you.  I came from a family that believed in cribs and the crying method.  Which they would just put the baby down and no matter what walk away and let them cry to go to sleep.

For me personally I always found that harsh and chose to do it differently.  Sure the kids get cranky before a nap, but I would breastfeed them and then they would fall asleep.  It was less trauma for them.
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