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My son & the runs

My 7mos old gets a huge mess of the runs...with any foods that have a smooth consistency. He can have Green beans, carrots and applesauce (Stage 2) and apple stage 1 only if he's had green beans and carrots......everything else....peas, sweeet potatoes all give him the runs and its a huge mess.......is he still getting the nutrition he needs? I'm worried for him.
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Make sure you are offering him formula after every meal. Formula or breast milk gives babies all they need, so as long as he is taking in that he should be fine. You should talk to your doctor about discontinuing the foods that give him diarrhea until he is older.
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Our first son had the food go in and come out looking the same, so his body was not properly digesting things, especially carrots and applesauce for some reason in particular.  So I continued to breastfeed him full time.  Then we slowly introduced oatmeal and some rice cereals and this seemed to process in his system.   Definitely continue to feed him formula or breastfeed regardless of introducing new foods and you won't have to worry about their nutrition being compromised.
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