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Hi all! I just found this group and glad to be a part! I'm 30 years old and currently 8 weeks 5 days along with my 2nd baby. I weighed 193 when I got pregnant with my DD, only gained 13 lbs. I lost my baby weight (although not the flubber!) when I nursed, but quickly gained it back when I couldn't nurse anymore. This time around I started off weighing 210! Ugh.. Oh well. I keep fluctuating in weigh so far - between 208 and 212. I'm of course p to 212 right now, but I'm sure that's because I have my first appt tomorrow, so of course the scale is going to show heavier just for that appointment! haha! I'll keep you all posted after my appointment!

OH - and I'm about 5'4" also.
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Yes that helps, Thanks

I actually also have Diabetes in my family(mom,dad,oma,opa,uncle,aunt) all on my dads side.  High blood pressure with my mom.  My blood pressure always goes up when i am at the doctors (monday was 150/101)  I get nervous and I had the tightening of the cuff they use!  I never feel bad or have headaches.  I know if i lost a little weight it would prolly go back to normal (usually i am normal) I am going to get on my treadmill and do some walking.  I dont eat bad at all but with the PCOS its hard to lose the weight.

My doc doesnt seem to be worried at all about the blood pressure or my weight.  He did say losing a bit would help, but he never said lose weight and then come see me!

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Hi Lynnie! I had absolutely no issues with my first pregnancy - no gestational diabetes (which diabetes runs rediculously through my family and I am hypoglycemic), no blood pressure issues or anything. My blood pressure actually go lower while I was pregnant, although it's always around 108/75-ish. It went to like 100 or 103/70. The dr's was pleasantly surprised about that even though there wasn't anything to worry about. My cholesterol has always been good - could be better, but always good - it actually got better after my pregnancy even though I'm heavier.

I'm hoping this one will be the same!

Also, my  mom has been overweight her whole life - 180-260 was her adult weight range until she had gastric bypass in 2003. She had absolutely no issues with either of her pregnancies - very healthy. She gained 30-some lbs with my brother and then about 18 lbs with me.

Hope this helps!
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Have you had any problems in your pregnancies being overweight?

I am 5'3'' and about 240lbs.  I am up and down between 230 and 240

Gained a few extra lbs cuz sept was my first AF in over a year (help with Provera)  I couldnt help the munchies!

I am just worried about getting high blood pressure and things going wrong.  I am trying to lose weight but I also have PCOS and that of course makes it harder

Congrats on your pregnancy!

Hope to get my BFP soon!

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congrats, and welcome to the forum. My name is Lori and I am 30 weeks pregnant with a little girl.
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